10 Animals That Create And Use Electricity!

It’s not just us humans that use and need electricity to survive in the modern world. You might be ‘shocked’ to find out that many animals have evolved to use their own versions of it too!

The Platypus and Echidna have electroreceptors in their snouts that can pick up electrical impulses emitted by their prey.

The unfortunate looking Stargazer fish can give off an electric current from its eye muscles to stun prey or fend off predators.

Bees can sense changes in electrical fields (that occur when a flower has been visited by another bee) helping it decide if a flower is worth investigating or not.

Electric Rays can generate electric shocks of varying intensity, depending if they are sending out warnings or stopping to eat!

Part of a Gecko’s ability to run up a smooth wall is the electrostatic forces generated on their toepads.

The Oriental Hornet has specialised tissues that can convert sunlight to energy – the only known animal to have its own solar power!

Electric Eels have electrogenic cells that they use to stun prey, defend against predators and even communicate with other electric eels. They can create a strong enough shock to cause heart failure after repeated jolts.

A Shark’s ability to sense electricity is 10,000 times stronger than any other animal’s! They use it to find prey and can do so from great distances.

A Spider covers its web with electrostatic glue that is attracted to charged particles such as water, pollen and prey.

This is amazing, right!? There are thought to be many more, particularly marine animals, but these are among the top known.

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