5 Great Energy Saving Ideas For Pubs

Annual energy costs for the hospitality industry are £1.3 billion, with heating, lighting, hot water and catering being the main contributing factors, and for pubs in particular, add cellar services to the list.

Not only will improving your energy consumption save you money, but also increase profits and (research suggests) increase business as customers are more likely to use companies that actively reduce their environmental impact.


With heating reported to account for more than 40% of energy costs in commercial buildings, keeping core areas within your pub at the right temperature is key. Recommended temperatures in bars and lounges are 20-22 degrees (Celsius) and in restaurant and dining areas 22-24. Make sure your staff are aware and thermostats are left alone once at the right level.


The use of lighting across the hospitality sector varies anywhere from 40-70% – so even a few small changes can make a real difference. A cost-effective way to improve lighting is simply to keep your windows and light fittings clean. If left, light levels can fall by up to 30% in a 2-3-year period. With a little investment in the short-term, you can also make great savings in the long term by changing to LED bulbs wherever possible. Depending on the bulbs you use currently, LEDs can have 5-37 times more lamp life.

Hot Water

You can save twice if you use water wisely, firstly on the cost of water itself, and secondly on heating it. Review the efficiency and settings of your boiler. An ideal temperature for stored hot water is 60 degrees. Hot enough to kill known bacteria and plenty warm enough for staff and patrons. You can also consider tap controls and spray taps to help reduce the amount of water used.


Increasing staff training around energy awareness and management can help reduce your catering energy costs by up to 30%. Ensuring your kitchen equipment is maintained and used correctly, as well as turning off equipment when it’s not being used can make a huge difference. Not only to the energy use, but also to the comfort of your staff in the kitchen – leaving grills and hobs on when unnecessarily emits a lot of extra heat! Refrigeration is also a key high energy use area. Keeping on top of maintenance schedules and avoiding over cooling is important to keep costs and consumption down, as is keeping fridge and freezer door openings to a minimum!


To gain 10-50% savings on your cellars overall energy use there are a number of improvements you can try. Change the layout and reduce the number of heat producing systems stored in the cellar to avoid cooling systems having to over work, as well as using thermal insulation and draught stripping to help ensure temperatures are kept regulated. Update your lighting to LEDs where possible and maintain and check refrigeration and other equipment regularly.

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Source: https://www.carbontrust.com/resources/guides/sector-based-advice/sector-specific-publications/

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