A Nasty Surprise!

Prologue: We recently switched a client onto a better value electricity contract. From the initial meeting with the client, we managed the entire process and they were extremely happy with our service.

Fast forward 12 days later …

Their new supplier contacted them by email to advise that their newly agreed rates (the main reason for them switching in the first place) were going to be increased by 2.5p per kilowatt – A significant rise that would see them spending around £2500 more per year! 

Understandably, our client was shocked by this and contacted us to express their concern. Sadly, this happens to businesses regularly. Suppliers are well within their rights to increase prices, as per their Terms and Conditions and invariably this is driven by wholesale price increases. Whatever the reasons, it’s a nasty surprise, especially when it happens so close to an initial agreement.

Having dealt with this supplier for some time, we have built up a good relationship with them and were able to immediately make enquiries on our client’s behalf. We explained the situation and promptly escalated the matter to a senior member of staff to start negotiations. 

It’s a difficult position for the supplier to be in, as price increases are not always negotiable. However, using our contacts, experience and negotiation skills, we were able to wrangle the supplier down to agreeing (and sticking to!) a very marginal increase on our client’s original rate (0.4ppkw). 

This is an unusual result and thanks to our help, our client is now extremely happy again. Not only with the rate, but with the amount of time and stress they saved having us deal with it all for them.

The moral of the story? Don’t get stuck with nasty surprises. We are not just a broker. We provide a free end to end management service and ongoing support for all our clients. Give us a call 0333 344 4302 if you’d like to see how we can help you too. 

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