How Has Covid-19 Changed The Energy Market?

With so much uncertainty over the last few months and still for many businesses at the moment, energy suppliers have become wary and tightened their acceptance criteria.

Sadly, it’s becoming much harder and considerably more time consuming for certain industries to secure cheaper deals. Your options are now really limited, with suppliers protecting themselves against closures and slow payments by offering higher rates than normal, longer length contracts and fixed monthly direct debits.

This combined with the fact they have less staff to manage it all means service can be slow and rates, with some, are much higher.

We’re aware of this, and also aware of which suppliers are less likely to penalise you. To get the best bespoke deal for your business contact us today and we’ll do the hard work for you. We’ll find you the best and cheapest arrangement most suited to your business, we’ll be your main point of contact moving forward and we’re currently fully open and available 7 days a week with one UK number and no automated messages.

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