Our Top 10 Facts and Tips – October 2018 Roundup

We regularly share lots of facts and tips on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We love them all, but here’s a roundup of the best ones for this month!

Fact: Natural gas is thought to have been first discovered in the Middle East between 6000 and 2000 BC when lightning strikes ignited natural gas seeping from the ground.

Fact: The world’s biggest light bulb is located in Edison, New Jersey. It’s 14 feet tall, weighs eight tons, and sits on top of the Thomas Edison Memorial Tower.

Fact: Google accounts for roughly 0.013% of the world’s energyuse. It uses enough energy to continuously power 200,000 homes.

Tip: Energy saving tip: ‘Standby’ is not ‘Off’ – Electrical appliances continue to use power even if they are on standby. See if they can be safely turned off at the mains.

Tip: Conserve energy (and money!) by switching to energy saving lightbulbs in your business – They use up to 80% less energy than regular bulbs and don’t need to be replaced as often!

Fact: Russia’s Sakhalin offshore well has depths of up to 12,700 meters. To put that in perspective, Mount Everest is 8,648 meters tall!

Fact: Gas makes up almost 40% of all UK electricity generation! Many electric power stations use natural gas to generate electricity.

Tip: Black is the new ‘screen saver’ – Reduce your electric bills and conserve battery life. Set your monitor to sleep with no screen saver. Many use the same energy with some using more than when your pc or laptop is active!

Fact: The word electrocute is a combination of the words electro and execute, meaning to be killed by electricity. So, if you don’t die, you were not electrocuted, only shocked!

Fact: A gecko’s ability to climb up surfaces is partly due to the electrostatic forces on the gecko’s toe pads. The difference in charge between its feet and the surface help it “stick” to the wall.

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