What To Do When Moving Premises

Like moving to a new house, when you’re moving into or out of a commercial premises, getting your utilities sorted is a priority. In fact, even more so with a business, as ignoring them or making mistakes can be very costly!

Here’s our helpful list of what you need to consider:

Moving Out

Get your meter readings to your supplier – You want to make sure you pay for your usage only and not the new occupant’s, so getting accurate readings for your final bill is essential.

Take note of the date you moved out – Same as above, you don’t want to pay for someone else’s bill. It’s also handy to know in case there are any queries.

Contact your supplier when leaving – Giving your supplier accurate information will makes things easier for everyone and ensures you only pay for what you’ve used. No nasty surprisingly large bills, and no arguing over who needs to pay for what.

Leave a friendly note for the new occupant – Moving in to a new premises can be stressful enough, finding a note on arrival showing you the final readings, who your supplier is, where your meter is etc. will be incredibly helpful for the new tenant. (Imagine if you received the same treatment at your new premises… you’d be delighted.)

Moving In

Take your meter readings immediately – You want to make sure you pay for your usage only and not the previous occupant’s.

Take note of the date you moved in – Again, this is the same as previously mentioned, you don’t want to pay for someone else’s bill.

Contact your supplier when arriving – You’ll need a new contract, otherwise your rates will be expensive out of contract rates. Let the supplier know you’ve moved in and that you’re now in control, get things changed in to your business details. You don’t need to agree a contract straight away, but you can’t make any changes, fix rates, find cheaper rates etc. if things aren’t in your control. So take control asap!

Shop around – The prices you’re offered from a previous supplier directly are rarely the cheapest, shop around and compare other deals. Do your research, learn about the service levels, company ethos, energy types, core rates etc. of the supplier you’re considering. Better yet, if that all sounds too much, get us to do it for you!

If you have any questions or need any help with moving into or out of a new business premises, please get in touch: Call 0333 344 4302 or Email hello@simple-energy.co.uk